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If you have a bit of an obsessive compulsion, you may have had the tendency to extend your inner neat freak to your pets – especially when it comes to waste control. That is most likely why the Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System was created.

It was built with special features such as a urine separating system to keep the solids and the fluids in their rightful places at all times. Your cat will experience order and cleanliness like no other and this makes it one of the best cat litter boxes in its category.


  • Built with urine separating system that controls odour
  • Disposable urine cat pads controls odour for up to a month
  • Dries up solid wastes, helps to minimise tracking
  • Dust-free
  • Includes 1 litter box, 1 bag of pellets, 1 scoop, and 4 pads
  • Pellets and pads are sold separately


The Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System is built with a urine separating system that absorbs urine efficiently and therefore controls odor like a champ. The odor control can last up to a week for single cats and up to three days for two cats. You can choose between a scented and an unscented variety, depending on your preference.

Some cat owners opt for unscented sets that do not give out a trace of the presence of the litter box, whilst others opt for the scented ones to augment the odor control property.

This excellent odor control comes from the abilities of disposable urine cat pads. The pads themselves may be either scented or not. These pads have excellent absorbency and are efficient not only in trapping urine, but also foul odors that may be emitted by cat urine and other waste.

In taking care of solid wastes, the Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System is able to dehydrate waste, which then controls their odor. Nothing can be more bothersome for a home than the smell of pet waste, which is why this kit is designed specifically to absorb and fully trap odors.

The pellets also decrease tracking, aside from eliminating odors, absorbing moisture from solid waste, and fully absorbing and drying out urine. It is also 99.9% dust free so you do not have to worry about kitty litter dusting your furniture and floors every time after your pet has used it.

The Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System is indeed a complete kit set that comes with everything that you need for pet waste control in one package. It comes with a specially designed litter box where you can place the litter pellets, a custom made scoop, set up instructions that are simple and very easy to follow, and a bag of pellets and four cat pads.

To clean the Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System, all you have to do is scoop out solid wastes every day and change the cat pad every week. This way, you can be assured of 100% pet waste odor control that you, your family, and your visitors can enjoy.

One bag of pellets is enough for one filling of the litter box, and one filling is good for up to a month. You just have to dispose of old pellets once a month and fill the box in with a new bag.

With Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System you can be assured of quality and satisfaction. That is why they are offering a money-back guarantee in event of dissatisfaction. Just make sure to keep the receipts and the original package with you.


One user managed to enumerate a number of things she wished would improve with the Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System. One is that it was too wasteful when it came to litter. Too much was thrown away with daily scooping. This may not be ideal if you are trying to save up.

Additionally, the litters that have been soiled when the cat was trying to cover up the poop definitely stained the cat’s paws, leading to poop marks on the floor or furniture, or very smelly paws.

The pellets are also susceptible to scattering all over the floor, which may be uncomfortable for some. The same pellets can also get stuck in the box holes which can clog it up, accumulate waste, and cause odor.


The Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System has an excellent separating system that ensures that your pet’s waste does not get mixed up and cause a mess. It is a must have for indoor cat owners to keep their homes fresh and clean and one of the best cat litter boxes.

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