10 DIY Cat Projects with IKEA Products

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Living harmoniously with your cat isn’t just about teaching them tricks or learning to read their gestures.

It’s important to find ways of adapting your living space to accommodate them as well as leaving room for yourself.

Cats are territorial by nature and love to hunt. These are things that can often cause tension in the home, especially if you have a housecat that isn’t allowed outside.

By combining IKEA’s innovative product design and adaptable furniture basics with a little bit of DIY know-how, you can help make your living space harmonious, both for you and your cat.

If you love the idea of making something unique for your cat to enjoy, reclaiming some of your home, or re-purposing some space just for them, here are 10 DIY cat projects you can try.

Top 10 DIY Cat Projects

1. Triple-Decker LACK Cat Scratcher Tree

Giving your cat space to climb, play and sit is an important part of sharing your living space with them. They need an area to call their own, just like you do!

Many people like to use a tiered climbing structure, like a cat tree, to achieve this. A cat tree will typically have a lot of good places to scratch, some cubby holes to hide and sleep in, and some platforms so your kitty can feel safe in a high location.

Many cat trees in stores or online can be expensive, especially the taller ones. Unfortunately bigger cats or homes with multiple cats need bigger trees and boisterous play can mean that these need replacing regularly.

Fear not! Just stack three LACK tables on top of one another securely, then cover the table legs in something scratchable, like carpet, course string or rough hessian.

It gives you three levels for your cat to enjoy and you can even turn the bottom layer into storage to get the most out of it.

2.The cat-sized bed

The Duktig bed started life as a doll’s bed in the IKEA children’s toy section, but when pictures of cats nestling into them hit the internet, it became the cat bed of the moment.

The Duktig bed is an ideal starting point for a DIY project because it represents a blank canvas for you to get creative with. Here are some of the ways you can use one in your next project:

  • Turn it into bunk beds by securing two together
  • Decorate your bed to suit your cat’s style
  • Make your own cat-sized pillowcases and sheet

3. Stolman minimalist cat tree

If the LACK table tree is a little too elaborate for your tastes, there’s the Stolman cat tree, which will give you much more vertical space for you cat to play in.

The Stolman storage system was intended for use inside wardrobes, but a few minor tweaks can turn it into a ceiling-high cat tree.

Just use a hot glue gun to attach some carpet to the shelves and remove the additional post.

Top tip: position this cat tree in front of a window so your cat can enjoy people watching and birdwatching from a lofty perch.

4. Carpeted floating wall climbers

Cat trees are ideal for helping cats to climb without destroying your furniture, but if you simply don’t have the floor space, try a floating carpeted wall climber instead.

You can make one of these using LACK shelves–just glue some old carpet to the top sides, then fix them to the wall and you’re done!

Platforms like this give your cat a high perch where they can feel safe–something that the average home doesn’t usually offer.

5. Osted rug climbing wall

Humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy a good climbing wall! If you’d like to save your drapes from destruction and give your cats a fun challenge, try the Osted climbing wall DIY project.

This IKEA hack for cats simply involves fixing an Osted rug to the wall, preferably near a high platform that they can get onto when they reach the top.

You can use hooks at the top and bottom of the wall to make sure the rug stays secure while it’s being climbed!

This DIY cat project is great for cat-lovers with very little floorspace, and is like a scratcher and cat tree combined! Better still, it’s simple to do.

6. Trendig tray table beds for two

The Trendig tray table beds are ideal for DIY cat crafters that still want their furniture to look sleek and modern, but want to make something their cats will love and use.

The tray tables are pretty much cat-ready; just add some cushions or blankets and you have your very own double-decker cat baskets!

7. The window lookout

If there’s one thing cats love, it’s sitting at the window and watching the world go by.

To make your cat a window lookout, all you need to do is fix an IKEA Fabian shelf below your window. You can make this more cat-friendly by sticking carpet to the shelf or adding some bedding.

8. Litter box hideaway

There’s nothing more off-putting than a litter box sitting in the corner of your lounge or kitchen.

This DIY cat project adapts an IKEA STUVA BETSAD cupboard to help hide litter boxes out of sight for stylish decor that’s still cat-friendly.

Just cut out a secret door in the back of your cabinet and pop your cat’s litter tray inside. You’ll be able to clean it out using the doors in the front.

9. Wall-mounted basket bed

IKEA’s round wicker baskets aren’t just great for laundry and trash–they can also be turned into a wall-mounted basket bed for your cat.

Just secure your basket to the wall with the opening facing outwards, then finish up by popping a cushion inside.

10. GOSIG cat cave

This DIY cat project requires a little sewing know-how, but it’s well worth the effort.

Simply sew two GOSIG soft cat baskets together, one on top of the other, with the openings matched up. The finished product is a soft fabric cat cave at a fraction of the price.

Next time you’re in IKEA or have a weekend spare, try one of these 10 DIY cat projects and show them how much you care.

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