17 Things that we dont know about cats

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For many years we believed that the cat was tamed in ancient Egypt, about 3,500 thousand years ago. In 2004, in an archaeological excavation in Cyprus, a skeleton of 9,500,000-year-old cat was discovered, right next to a human. The human cat relationship starts from a very old age, but even today there is much that we do not know about cats.

  1. Cats have a unique ability to survive by falling from high heights. Indeed, some have lived falling from a height of 26 floors!
  2. Cats have over 20 muscles to control their ears.
  3. The largest cat has a length of over one meter and 23 points (1.23cm)
  4. Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds while dogs around 10 …
  5. In ancient Egypt it was illegal to sterilize your cat. The Egyptians needed many cats to keep the number of mice at a low level. Also, if a house caught fire, the cats were first taken out and then the children and the adults
  6. The cat can jump six times its height.
  7. A domestic cat can run at 48 km / h, about 5 km faster than Usain Bolt.
  8. Cats sweat only from their paws.
  9. The first cat that traveled in space, and survived the journey, listened to Felicette.
  10. Cats have a well-developed sense of hearing. They can hear sounds that reach 64 kHz. The human can up to 20 kHz.
  11. Cats can move their ears 180 degrees and at the same time in different directions.
  12. One of the reasons cats are licking themselves is to remove the smell from you.
  13. Black cats can be considered a habit in many parts of the world, but they are considered a “sign of luck” in Australia and Great Britain.
  14. Cats have amazing sight. They see clearly 7 times less light than humans.
  15. Cats can drink sea water. Unlike humans, their kidneys can and filter the salt, leaving a clean amount of water to hydrate their body.
  16. Cats can not taste the sweet.
  17. Small kittens (like puppies) sleep too much because the growth hormone is secreted into their bodies only during sleep.
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