3 Tips for Cat Behavior Problems

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Cats are one of the most beloved kind of pets but also the most unruly! What are the most common cat behavior problems a cat owner encounters and what can we do to deal with them?

1. Cat that makes the room dirty.

The first thing we have to do if our cat suddenly starts to cause dirty at home is to go to the doctor to check out the possibility of a cat’s health problem. If we exclude the health problem then maybe when she sits on the litter box at some point something would have bothered her or scared her so she would not want to go back there.

What can you do? Begin by changing the litter box and even place it at a completely different point than before. Your cat should have access to litter box all day long.

2. Aggressive Cat

You have to understand what makes the cat aggressive. Maybe she’s scared, so you have to make sure she gets rid of her fear by helping her and keeping her away from what scares her. If it is jealous then we need to find out what makes the cat  jealous.

For example, if the cause is another person because she thinks that our interest is towards him.her, then we should give to the other person the opportunity to take care of it, feed it and caress it so that they come closer.

3. Nail sharpening.

If your cat is use to sharpening her nails in your furniture and not at the scratching post, then simply place the post in a spot between her sleeping point and the place of her food. The scratching post that is in its visual field more often will attract your cat’s attention more easily and as a result will lead her to use it more often instead of the furniture.

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