5 Cat Calming Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

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What if you have to calm your cat? How can you do it in the right way? The cat is an enigmatic animal, full of mystery. Sensitivity and perception make her an exciting and adorable pet. Cats are also creatures of habit and comfort. Below you can read some useful cat calming tips.

1. Think like your Cat

People usually think of what they might like instead of thinking like cats. For example, while a man can seek warmth from an embrace, many cats do not like being treated like that when they are upset. The problem is that they do not allow a hug to feel calm. So, it is important to give space. Just talk to your cat can be useful.

2. Slowly and steadily

Slowly and steadily are keywords to calm a cat exposed to something new. If it is a short-acting stress factor such as a visiting friend, then the cat can stay in a safe room with the necessary things for that time.

On the other hand, when there is a stressful lasting factor, such as taking a new pet or changing the environment, the cat must come in contact with the new situation slowly, a process that can take days.

3. Essential Oils

There are many natural fragrances on the market, especially essential oils, that can create a calm aura (Also work for people). Perfumes like honeysuckle and lavender have a calming effect on cats. There are also room fragrances especially for cats that plug in and help the kitten to be calm.

4. White sounds

Cats are very sensitive to noise. Especially if the fear or anxiety of the cat is caused by loud noises, the provision of alternative sound is the perfect solution. Put on classical music, soft sounds, or even “white” sounds like the hood, that can calm and relax your cat. Just as with babies.

5. Play with your Cat

Playing with your cat be a valuable tool for dealing with chronic or long-term pressure on cats. It reduces stress and can increase confidence in places that have caused fear. Cats are afraid of large rooms or unfamiliar environments and can be better acclimated to these places through the game. Do not forget, though, that you have to play with her on a regular basis and not only when you see her anxious.

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