6 Things You Want To Know About Tricolor Cats

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Are Tricolor Cats all female? Do they always have the same shades on their fur? By reading the following topic, these questions and many more will be answered.

As when we see an orange cat, we tend to suppose it is male, so we assume that the calico or tricolor cats are feminine. Truth or myth? What else do we know about these colorful kittens?

Tricolor cats are in the vast majority females.

Most tricolor cats are actually female but not all. This is for genetic reasons. Male tricolors are scarce: in fact, it is estimated that only one in 3,000 tri-colored cats are male and that only one out of 10,000 male tricolor cats are fertile!

The tricolors “come out” in many  color shades.

In order to qualify as a tricolor or calico cat, it should carry three colors of black, white and orange, as well as variations thereof, e.g. gray, crem etc. They usually have white fur with large orange and black spots. However, these spots may also be gray and pale orange. In addition, there are three-colored cats with gray and orange stripes.

Tortoise cats are different than Calico cats

Unlike tricolor cats, the tortoises have no white coat but only combine black and orange color. The main difference between Tricolor and the tortoises is that they have these colors in large distinct pieces, while the tortoises have a mix of these. Typically the more white a cat has, the more “compact” the color patches.

Some breeds are more likely to be tricolor.

Some of the cat breeds like the European and American shorthair cat, Maine Coon, Munchkin, Turkish Angora, Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail have bigger chances to be tricolor cats.

Tricolor cats are thought to bring luck.

The Japanese cat that brings lack, the so-called maneki neko, is often tricolor. In the past, Japanese sailors traveled with tricolor cats to protect them from storms and angry spirits! In the US, they also call them money cats.

But they also have the reputation of being “scandalous”.

Reputation, however, should not discourage you from adopting a three-colored stray kitten given that he is less likely to find a stable home, than a whitish cat let say.

The truth is that with a Calico cat it’s like having 3 of the others. Which means you will not be bored under any circumstances. Because at the same time they are playful, quiet, protective and faithful they can become snobbish, stubborn, cold and independent. Life is interesting with them.


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