7 Reasons for Aggression in Cats

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Even the most experienced with cats may face difficulties with their behavior. A main reason of these difficulties may be the aggression in cats. What we must have in mind is that our cat did not suddenly wake up one day and decided to go crazy. Surely for this aggressive behavior there would be some reasons that we either did not see or have seen and ignored. See below the basic 7 reasons and treat them appropriately. No panic, no punishment and no wildness.

1. Cats can become aggressive because they hurt

A major cause is pain. Before we think about how to stop it, let’s see if our cat hurts somewhere, and as a result becomes aggressive. They may have hit her on a sensitive spot or have a pain because of a health problem. Watch it and if this behavior continues, you should take it immediately to the vet.

2. Fear can cause aggression

A frightened kitty will react with the corresponding attitude of her body. Which means the ears back, the corresponding tail and the known hissing. Aggressive behavior is not because your cat do not want you or dislike you, as some people think, but because your cat is in panic by something that scared it.

3. Hormones can make a cat aggressive

A cat that is not neutered is more likely to become aggressive. Even males can become aggressive towards both the other cats and us. This is logical. This is why it is very important to sterilize an animal.

4. Cats can become aggressive because of an upset situation

There are times when cats are upset by an event and become aggressive at that time. For example, your kitty is lying in the house, near the window. And at some point she sees from outside another cat passing. It is logical at this time to react with nerves.

5. Aggression in cats can come from stress

If a cat lives in a house dominated by loud voices, tensions etc., it makes sense to react accordingly. Like the children who suffer verbal or physical violence. Or when there is an atmosphere of fear in general. There are moments that cats will also react aggressively.

6. An aggressive cat may be so due to a trauma

It’s not funny. Post traumatic stress is present in many animals. Their brains resemble ours, which means that the constant agony of survival or the difficult life on the streets having to deal with countless dangers, first of all the bad behavior of people, are causing traumas to many animals that never leave. If this happens to our cat, and we probably know it, we can consult the vet and deal with it. How many animals that have been abused by previous owners are not always stressful and aggressive, even in their new homes?

7. Aggressive behavior in cats due to reaction to some chemicals

This is the most rare reason for cats to become aggressive. But like humans, some cats may be sensitive and their body may react to some chemicals that can just be inhaled. And in this case we should look for the help of a veterinarian.

Whatever the cause of a cat being aggressive, there are certainly warning signs. The animal’s body language testifies a lot. For this, see if your animal has a physical problem and visit your vet. If you react generously with no abnormality, arm yourself with patience and love and try to improve your behavior.

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