8 Signs your Cat Loves you

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Are you wondering if your kitty loves you like you do? Read below some of the signs your cat loves you proving that you have the first place in her heart.

1. Your cat Follows you (everywhere)

You hear the sound of the four legs on the floor when you get up from the couch. You are almost bored because it is continuously in your legs. You have not used the toilet alone for years. All these are signs that you are fortunate enough to have a cat that does not want to leave your side. Yes, he loves you very much!

2. Your cat Turns on the back

The belly of the cat is its most sensitive spot. By showing you her belly, your cat shows that she feels so comfortable with you to leave unmarked her most vulnerable area. Does it even allow you to rub her belly? Perfect! This is the absolute sign of confidence.

WARNING: It is not unlikely to attack you while you tumble her belly. Do not take it personally, it loves you but it is also may feel nervous!

3. Your cat brings you “Gifts” (like dead insects)

Although these gifts are not always enjoyable (or, yes, it is totally disgusting), do not punish your cat. It’s a sign of her appreciation for you. When your cat pulls a little animal’s,insects lifeless pouch on your bedside table, it can be difficult to take it as a compliment, but that definitely means that she is totally loyal to you and she think of you as a family member. Like all the gifts, it’s the thought that counts, right?

4. She is pushing and rubbing her head on you

When you see your cat coming to you with her head be ready. This movement is like a hug from your cat and is a way to mix smells with you to enhance your bond. Similarly, is the movement of rubbing her head over you. It marks you as her own person.

5. Visit during the night for hugs

Your cat is a secretive creature and often will not want to show her love to anybody, including you. This is why it can often come into your arms only when you are asleep. You may snoring and have your hair mixed, but your cat finds this opportunity to express her love with her own terms.

6. Turns off the eyelids slowly

Cats do a lot of conversations with their eyes and a very special way to say “I love you” is through a slow ejection of the eyelids. When a cat is happy with you, she can just look at you and slowly close and open her eyes. So they say, “Hello friend, I love you, and I feel comfortable around you so I do not watch.” This is basically a marriage proposal from a cat and the best answer is a mutual slow ejection of your eyelids!

7. Kneading

A theory claims that adult cats have linked kneading with the comfort of maternal embrace (kittens knead to stimulate their mother’s milk production) so that when a cat kneads in your lap it shows that she is relaxed and comfortable with her family. If this is not love, what is it?

8. It is always in the same place with you

Cats will show anger or discomfort, especially with strangers, leaving a place. Your cat may not be too affectionate, but if it is always in the same place with you, even if it does not seem to give you any attention – then you have her love. In simple words, not all cats are embraced. This can often be misconstrued as a caution or indifference, but sometimes a cat is happy when it’s near you, near your computer screen, at the couch, on the feet of your bed, or in a chair in the living room. These are signs your cat loves you in her own way. Trust us.


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