Low Fat Cat Food: 8 Ways To Pick The Best one for your Cat.

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It’s no secret that obesity in humans is a problem that only seems to get worse each year. But you might be surprised to learn that obesity in cats is also a serious problem.

The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention reports that 58 percent of pet cats in the United States are overweight.

If you’re worried that your cat may be overweight, or at risk of becoming overweight, you might be wondering what you can do.

Increasing your pet’s daily exercise can help. You may have to get creative with this. Cat training may be a good way to get your feline moving.

But the best way to help is by buying low fat cat food.

Just as you would go on a diet to lose weight, your cat may need to as well. But cat food isn’t one-size-fits-all.

You need to make sure you find the right food for your specific pet.

Read on to learn about 8 ways that you can find the best low fat cat food for your beloved feline.

1. Figure Out Whether Your Cat Has Any Other Health Problems

Your cat’s obesity may have nothing to do with food.

Before you buy a low fat cat food, think about other health problem that your pet may have.

Has their fur lost its shine? Do they seem to be lacking the energy they once had?

Are they showing any signs of aging, like limping because of sore joints? Does your cat seem to have a sensitive stomach?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, your cat could have other health problems that you need to address. Digestive problems, diabetes, or any number of other issues could be to blame.

It’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet.

They may suggest a specific kind of low fat cat food, such as one for older cats or one specifically formulated to help their skins and fur remain healthy.

2. Check for Recalls

When a cat food is recalled for any number of dangers, it should be removed from the shelves immediately.

But if a recall is overlooked by a low fat cat food provider, you may end up buying a dangerous food without even knowing it.

Whenever you buy a new pet food, you should check for recalls. Even if you’ve been buying the same food for years, stay up to date on news in the cat food industry, in case a recall is released for that food.

3. Keep Any Allergies in Mind

If you know that your cat has allergies to any kind of ingredient, make sure you know exactly what they are.

Some ingredients may have more than one name variation, which can make them tougher to spot.

Read the ingredient list carefully before buying a low fat cat food, so that you don’t accidentally buy something that your cat is allergic to.

4. Research Low Fat Cat Foods For Your Specific Breed

Some breeds of cats have different nutritional needs.

With a little research, you can figure out whether your cat’s breed has any special needs.

For instance, some breeds have thicker fur coats. These breeds can benefit from foods rich in amino acids and omega fatty acids.

Breeds with taller frames may be prone to joint problems. Chondroitin and mega-3 fatty acids are essential for reducing inflammation in their joints.

While all cats may get hairballs from time to time, certain breeds are more prone to them. Certain food blends can help reduce them in these breeds.

Even details like a smaller jaw size in some breeds can require certain foods, with smaller bites that are easier to chew.

5. Prioritize Natural Ingredients

Some low fat cat food use fillers to reduce their calorie counts.

But just as fruits and vegetables are a great choice for dieting humans, they are important ingredients in any cat food.

Look for ingredients like beetroot, apple, asparagus, and even beans, including kidney, red, black, and soy.

Each of these are healthy and low-calorie. They’ll also help give your pet a boost of energy.

6. Look for Protein and Vitamin Rich Low Fat Cat Foods

The last thing that you want to do when buying a low fat cat food is to buy one that swaps out protein for other, low fat ingredients.

Protein is essential for all cats, but especially for those on a diet.

Just as you should look for natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables in your cat food, you should also look for natural protein sources. These include beef or beef liver, fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna, pork, and milk.

Your low fat cat food choice should also be full of vitamins. Some of the big ones that your food choice should have are magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

7. Watch Out For Food Full of Fiber

Fiber is great for helping us stay full between meals.

But too much fiber can be bad for your pet. Not only will it make them poop far more often, it can also block their body from absorbing healthy nutrients.

Some low fat cat foods contain as much as 40 percent fiber. While it would seem like this would keep your cat full, it may actually leave them hungrier than usual.

That’s because the cat food provider is probably swapping out protein for more of this cheap fiber-filler.

8. Choose Raw or Frozen Over Processed

Bagged, processed cat food is by far the most popular and plentiful choice on the market.

But just because it’s popular doesn’t make it the right choice for your cat.

While there are some healthy bagged food varieties out there, many are lacking in nutrition and protein, and filled with harmful chemicals and processed ingredients.

A raw or frozen diet is a much better choice, especially for overweight cats. These foods provide all of the nutrients that your cat needs, without any of the unhealthy, fattening fillers.

Luckily, raw cat foods are becoming more and more popular. This means that there are many options available on the market.

You could also make your own raw cat food, using simple, natural ingredients that are probably already on your own grocery list.

While it may take a little extra work, the payoffs of finding the right low fat cat food are enormous. You’ll find that with the right diet, you’ll have a healthier, happier pet.

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