5 Reasons You Need Cat Food Dispenser

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You see them every time you go in the store, but you still don’t know if you should get one.

We’re talking about cat food dispensers.

We’re cat lovers and cat experts, and we’re here to tell you why you should get a cat food dispenser.

Q: Why Your Cat Need Automatic Cat Feeders & Food Dispensers

A:  Because you’re not sure how to get your cat to eat and drink regularly.

Is your cat picky? Finicky?

Does your cat make you late for work because you’re standing there waiting to make sure they’re eating the dish you put out for them?

Are you worried your cat isn’t eating enough? Drinking enough?

Will your cat only drink running water? Does your cat turn up their nose at still water in a dish, at least until they’re desperate? Do you feel guilty when you’re away because you’re not there to turn on the faucet, and make all their water drinking dreams come true?

A cat food dispenser plus a cat water fountain can fix that. How? Read on…

Here Are 5 Reasons You Cat Need Automatic Feeder

1- Because you’re probably overfeeding your cat.

Portion control is not just a thing for people; it’s a thing for pets, too.If you love your cat as much as you must to be reading this post, and wondering about getting a cat food dispenser, you’re probably filling that bowl every time you walk by it.

You don’t mean to, but you’re helping your cat get fat. And a fat cat is not a healthy cat. Obesity makes your cat prone to diabetes, heart problems, and joint problems.

You want a healthy cat, right? If your cat is overweight, let a cat food dispenser help you get your cat back on track. How?

2- You can automate feeding time and portion control.

Can you say automatic feeding? Can you say scheduled feeding?

You name it – whatever help you need, there’s a cat food dispenser out there to answer the call.

If your cat is finicky, choose an automatic cat food dispenser. Once the bowl is empty the food dispenser will sense it and refill.

Give your cat a better eating experience by letting the feeder dole out fresh kibble throughout the day. A picky cat doesn’t want to eat food that’s been sitting out all day.

If your cat is a piggy, choose a timed cat feeder, and one that will let you control the size of each meal, too. Schedule a few small meals per day, and let the cat food dispenser work its magic.

Won’t you breathe easier knowing that your cat is getting the food they need when they need it? And that they’re learning to eat what they’re served, when they’re served it?

Won’t you breathe easier knowing you can take yourself out the equation? No more letting your cat brush up against you and beg you for food out of boredom and bad habit. In time, they’ll learn that there’s one place they go for food, and that’s their cat food dispenser.

The transition might be tough on both of you, but the reward will be a healthier cat, and a healthier relationship with your cat, too. So it’s worth toughing it out.

3- Because you want the convenience.

Even if your cat is a normal eater, a cat food dispenser will still revolutionize meal time for you and your cat.

You don’t need to worry about checking and refilling the cat bowl all day, do you?

Get a cat food dispenser that can hold enough food to feed your cat for a day or more at a time. Set the food dispenser daily, or a few times per week depending, and take some pressure off yourself.

4- Gain back the time.

Don’t get up early just because your cat wants to eat right this second. Don’t rush home at the end of your day. Don’t pass up that spontaneous Friday night drink with friends after work. Get out of town for a night, and don’t worry about needing a neighbor to drop in to feed your cat.

Of course, it’s good to make sure the machine is functioning like you need it to. So maybe you watch over it closely the first few times you use it, just to be safe. And, yes, you’ll feel better once you’re sure your cat knows it’s there and trusts it’ll provide enough sustenance.

Doesn’t your cat like to feel independent, anyway? Doesn’t your cat want to feel like they hunt for their own food? Might your cat relish the idea that they’ll never have to beg you for food anymore?

Maybe not at first, but in time they’ll come around. Just think of all the “pretty please” energy a cat food dispenser will help your cat free up to use up the next time they’re looking for one of your famous back rubs.

See, they still need you around, even if you aren’t manually feeding them anymore. And petting your cat, when they ask for it, is key to a long-lasting love.

5- Because your cat will be less stressed out on a feeding schedule.

Cats like routine, especially when it comes to their food.

If your cat is used to being fed at a certain time, and they know they can count on their dispenser, they won’t worry about being hungry. A half hour before feeding time they’ll be calm even though their stomach is empty. Because their cat clock knows it isn’t quite time yet, and their experience tells them the food will be there when the time comes.

A cat on a feeding schedule is a less-stressed cat.

Even if you don’t think your cat seems particularly stressed, try a cat food dispenser. After any adjustment period, we think you’ll notice a difference.

Why not do everything you can to give your cat a healthy and happy cat.

We think a cat food dispenser will make life better for you and your cat. So next time you’re at the store, pick one up already.

Too busy to go to the store? That’s what online shopping is for.

Did you order your cat food dispenser yet?

Got cat questions?

We’ve got cat answers. Get in touch.

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