Bringing a new kitten home

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You may have decided to adopt a kitten for the first time or to fall in love with a stray curly kitten on the street or just bring a kitten home to the other family members. A new kitten at home requires some expenses and needs her doctor, her hygiene and her food. And because you will not know where to start, let’s take it from the beginning. If you decided to increase your family by bringing a new kitten home, see what you need to buy.

What you need to buy when bringing a new kitten home

  • Food: You will find many brands in the supermarket, take 2-3 different cans and croquettes to start. There are special foods for baby kittens both in cans and croquettes.
  • Saucer for food and water: There are usually plastic feeders with two places for food and water. It does not suit me particularly if I use it. We find it more useful to have 3 bowls to put tin, croquet, water.
  • Litter and litter box: Kittens will need for sure litter box and litter for their toilet. Sanitary sand for cats is a clean and healthy solution for cats and humans.
  • Cat carrier: it is especially necessary for visits to the vet. You will find them online, in pet-shop, in veterinary.
  • Sprays or ampules for fleas and lice: Especially if the kitten is stray.

What to buy later for the kitten

  • Cat Bed: When you will buy it is your choice. Kittens fit in our bed, on sofas, on carpet, on armchairs, on wardrobe and wherever they find it comfortable. My own  cats rarely use it but they use it.
  • Scratching post: Scratching post is essential since it will be the place where the cat will use for its nails and additionally it will save your furniture from more damage.
  • Cat Toys: Little kittens and even bigger cats are playful creatures and buying them some toys will keep them entertained and joyful.
  • Cat hair removal: It is something that will help you for grooming your cat and keep your home cleaner at the same time



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