Caring for Newborn Kittens

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With a proper program of caring for newborn kittens we can substitute their mom’s absence.

Can newborn orphan kittens naturally grow without their mommy?

Of course they can, if we are willing to follow a care program under the guidance of a veterinarian, especially in the first few weeks of their life that are particularly sensitive. The word “program”, however, should not scare us, as all that is needed is good mood and love for the defenseless kittens that need our help in this age more than ever!

Beyond proper nutrition, baby kittens are in great need of a safe and healthy environment, specially designed to meet their needs. In a quiet, warm part of the house away from the sun, put a box and put the kittens in. But without their mom, who would normally keep them 24 hours a day warm with her body, they are at risk of hypothermia, especially when it’s cold. So in the box we shall put towels, a blanket or something similar so that the newborns are in a soft and warm place.

However, simply covering them with a blanket is not enough to save them from hypothermia, so it will be great idea to add a bottle of hot water to the box, wrapped in a towel. As a result newborn kittens will have a permanent “source” of heat next to them. Of course, all of the above do not apply if we have hot weather conditions.

We must not forget that newborn kittens can neither urinate nor defecate themselves unless they have yet developed the necessary muscles for these physical functions. Their mother with her tongue cares to stimulate their body appropriate spots and their belly.

Since they are orphaned kittens, with a piece of cotton that we sunk with some hot water, we need to rub them in order to cause defecation and urination, usually after a meal. At the same time we monitor the color of the urine. If everything goes well then it is transparent or slightly yellow. If their urine is dark is a sign that kittens do not feed enough.

If their pooh are not light to dark brown in color and relatively formed, but on the contrary there are signs of constipation or diarrhea again there is a problem in their eating habits.

Last but not least, we do not forget to clean the little ones, but also to change the towels or blankets we have in the box.

Extra tips:

  • We never forget the importance of physical contact with our kittens. In order to grow properly and to become social, we must give them love and caress!
  • In consultation with the doctor, we make an appointment for the first vaccines.






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