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Knowing the basics of cat information is very important for cat owners as well as to those who are planning to have a cat as pet. This is because doing so can help them understand the cat’s behavior and know effective solutions for possible problems that such habits might be causing. In case you are planning or already have this animal as pet, take time to research and understand important cat information.

Cats, by nature, are hunters

Cats, by nature, are hunters. This is the primary reason why these animals, even the domestic types, are very active and fond of using their paws to scratch things like the couch, furniture, and curtains. They usually do this as a form of exercise, and at the same time, a means to keep one of their survival weapons, which are the paws, in good shape.

Aside from that, the cat’s occasional aggressive attitude is also related to this particular nature. They easily get aggressive when they feel uncomfortable or threatened. At some point, they might unintentionally scratch or bite their owners whenever they get scared or think that they might be harmed.

Upon knowing such behavior, you can actually prevent any possible problem that the cat’s hunter instinct might cause. You can do this by providing them with toys or any object that they can either scratch or bite whenever they feel doing such.

By doing this, you will prevent them from scratching valuable household items. On top of that, knowing this information will also help you to become cautious in dealing with your pet and avoid making them feel threatened, even by your mere actions or presence.

Cats are territorial

Just like the hunter instinct, cats are also known as territorial animals. Many experts claim that the cat’s behavior of scratching things in a particular area is its way of marking its domain. There are also unverified information that cats tend to pee or poop in some places of the house to claim such areas as part of their territory.

With this knowledge, you will most likely understand some of your cat’s unusual behaviors. Given that you already know this fact, you will now realize that it’s quite natural for your pet to act like this and that all you need to do is widen your understanding and avoid giving the cold or harsh treatment whenever you find out that it peed/pooped or scratched the furniture.

Cats are playful

It is also important for you to know and understand that cats are playful animals. They spend much of their time playing and running. They usually scratch and bite things that appeal to team. This is the reason why  you may find your furniture or curtains exhibiting scratch and bite marks.

Although this behavior can sometimes be annoying, there is nothing you can do to stop cats from playing, as well as from causing unintentional damage to household items. Fortunately, you can minimize such harsh effects by surrounding your pet with toys and other things that it can play on, so instead of scratching or biting the furniture, he will focus more of his attention on his toys.

Cats can be trained

Finally, cat owners should know that cats are highly trainable. They can do a lot of good things and become more disciplined when trained well. A good example of the training that these animals successfully do is being able to pee or poop in a litter box or inside the toilet instead of different areas of the house.

Training a cat, however, requires a lot of patience and proper preparation. So aside from getting the items that will be used for training, you also need to obtain literature or manuals that will help you do the training.

Example, if you want to train your cat to use the litter box, you can obtain a digital copy of the “Cat Spraying No More” for this explains the step-by-step procedures involved in the training. This also provides tips and other useful information about cat behavior that you might need in dealing with your pet.

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