Cat Pregnancy – What you need to know

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Cat pregnancy symptoms

Is your cat pregnant? Obviously you realized it yourself because of the increase in the size of her belly and her nipples. You may have been present also during pairing, so it will be easy to figure out the day of birth. Cat pregnancy lasts 63-69 days. The diagnosis of gestation by the veterinarian is done by ultrasound from the 14th day and touching through the abdominal wall from the 14th to the 35th day.

Cat giving birth for the first time

A few hours before the first embryo exit, the cat shows tiredness, stirs, nods, arranges the nest, moves in cycles, and cleanses herself continuously. When the kitten is approaching, the cat is lying down and churning loudly. Frequent outlet of clear fluid from the genital tract is often observed. The cat moves are instinctive and it is good not to interfere, but just to observe the process if your cat feels safe. In case of dysphoria you should call the vet.

Only if the cat does not show a willingness to break the intact amniotic sac with the embryo you should intervene and break it otherwise the fetus life will be in danger. Also, if the cat is too late to cut off the umbilical cord (> 15 ‘) you should do it using your fingers and clean gauze.

A normal delivery is expected to end in 2-6 hours but can be extended (10-12 hours) in elderly cats or cats that are pregnant with a large number of embryos. Remember that a toddler group can consist of 1-9 kittens that will need a lot of care and love! But they will give great joy to you and your children!

In any case, when you become the owner of a cat and before it becomes pregnant, you must have thought responsibly if you are aiming to mate your cat, ensuring a safe environment for her kittens or you should consider the case of sterilization.

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