Cat Spraying No More: An In-Depth Review

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All cat owners know how affectionate these furry little independent creatures can be—when they are in the mood. But did you also know that having cats can be good for your health? Well, according to studies, cat owners are at less risk of suffering from stroke than any other pet owners, and they reduce the risk of having heart attacks or other illnesses by 30 to 40%. Not only that, but they also help boost resistance to allergies, reduce stress, and lower cholesterol levels. So, you get a cute and loving pet as well as lots of health benefits—not a bad deal at all.

However, sometimes, owning a cat can bring out some sort of stress, too. Most cats do really know how to use a litter box instinctively, but there are some that, for one reason or another, may use your house as their own giant toilet. This can be due to anxiety, a change of environment, or some other things. Whatever the reason for your furbaby’s inappropriate behavior, we understand how upsetting it can be for you as the owner.

There are a number of solutions that can be found on the internet on how to stop cats from spraying, ranging from the practical to the exotic. Some work but if you have tried almost everything and yet the problem persists, you might be wondering and asking if there is a way to stop it or will you be cleaning cat pee off your stuff forever. Fortunately, we have come across the e-book entitled Cat Spraying No More.

Cat Spraying No More

According to its website, Cat Spraying No More is a proven system that will stop your cat from peeing outside its litter box. The system is available in digital format and lists the reasons why your feline friend is not using litter box. Knowing the reason why is the first step to finding the right way to cure your pet of its improper toilet behavior.

The e-book further lists down every possible reason for spraying and how to deal with each to ensure that the issue goes away for good. It also gives signs to look for to find out if the spraying is due to a behavioral issue or if the problem is a medical one.

A Tried-And-Tested Method

Frustrated fur parents would love to know that Cat Spraying No More was written based on the experience of the author, Sarah Richards, who has gone through the same thing you are going through right now. Everything listed in the e-book has been tried, tested, and proven to be effective by Richards who is a veterinary technician working for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

The e-book came about from Sarah Richards’ desire to help fellow cat owners who may be exasperated by their cat’s unstoppable spraying costing them hundreds of dollars in cleaning costs. Richards had adopted a cat, Timmy, that ASPCA rescued from an unsuitable home. Timmy had been so used to peeing wherever he wanted, and the change of environment caused further stress, resulting in a worsening of the situation.

Timmy peed on Richards’ bed, clothes, and all over the house. Everywhere, in fact, except for his litter box. This went on for months until Sarah Richards tried one trick she learned from a cat behavior specialist. It was simple, yet it worked straight away because, for the first time, Timmy used his box. Combined with other methods, not only did Timmy start using his box, but he also stopped peeing anywhere else.

How Does It Work?

The Cat Spraying No More is a thorough book that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to create a perfect environment for your cat. It will help you understand how your cat’s mind works and know which factors contribute to why it acts the way it does. You would also know what motivates them to pee outside their litter box, how stress triggers this behavior and how to deal with it, and what not do to get them to stop it.

The e-book contains several techniques on how you can work with your cat’s instincts and use them to your advantage. Not only will the guide stop inappropriate toilet behavior, but it will also help you bond and become closer to your furry friend.

The Program and Its Components

The e-book, Cat Spraying No More, is neatly divided into 11 chapters. To give you a clear idea of what the book contains, we have listed down the topics for each chapter and written a summary for each.

  • Chapter 1

The first chapter is called ‘Introduction’ and deals with all the possible reasons why a cat’s pee smells terrible. It t could be due to the food you feed them, an infection, and not neutering a tomcat (which gets the award for stinkiest pee). With this list, you can see which applies to your cat and what you can do to keep the pungent odor down. The chapter also details all the possible reasons why your cat may be avoiding its litter box and what its preferences may be.

  • Chapter 2

The second chapter in the e-book will guide you in finding out the cause of why your cat is misbehaving and describes what signs to look for. For example, your kitty might be acting out due to stress or traumatic association with a litter box. Aside from stress, the e-book lists down all other possible causes such as territory marking, medical problem, dominating behavior, and so on.

  • Chapter 3

This chapter deals with the basic approaches you can try out first. Approaches like cleaning the cat’s litter box regularly and where you should place the litter box. That is because, according to the book, for cats, location is crucial.

  • Chapter 4

The fourth chapter is concerned with your cat’s preferences and choices and how to use them to your advantage. Detailed instructions are given on the type of cat boxes they might favor and how to ascertain this. It also lists ways you can make inappropriate places repulsive for your cat to spray or eliminate on. In addition, since cats with long hair also have issues that are specific to them, this chapter tackles this issue as well.

  • Chapter 5

The fifth chapter is about the stress that may be affecting your cat. As such, it addresses all the possible ways you can help them manage their anxiety.  This will help them creating a perfect environment for them to thrive in.

  • Chapter 6

For people who own multiple cats, locating the offender might prove to be difficult. This is a major problem on its own because if you do not know who is eliminating improperly, you won’t be able to start making the right changes to resolve the issue. Chapter six suggests simple ways you can find out which is the culprit.

  • Chapter 7

For times when cat spraying can’t be fixed with behavioral methods, medication might help. Since Sarah Richards is an ASPCA veterinary, in this chapter, she uses her experience to provide advice on medical issues.

  • Chapter 8

Chapter eight is an inside look at how Sarah Richards dealt with the numerous cats she works with at ASPCA. It especially focus to the trials she went through with her adopted one, Timmy. She provides examples of her experience so that cat owners can be motivated that there is a solution to their seemingly unending source of frustration. This chapter also describes how to combine different methods to come up with the best one that will work for you and your pet.

  • Chapter 9

The ninth chapter is about the different methods you can use to completely stop your cat from spraying your house. This also includes a brief intro to cleansing and herbal remedies.

  • Chapter 10

Comprehensive methods and recipes for herbal mixes are listed down in this chapter. These natural remedies include cleaning solutions for completely removing any odor. Repellent mixes to prevent cats from peeing in inappropriate areas, and herbal blends that attract your cat to their litter.

  • Chapter 11

The last chapter simply summarizes the whole book.

Other Inclusions

Buyers of Cat Spraying No More will be happy to know that not only will they get this informative book, but they will also get four additional ones as well, and that is for free. These are:

  • The Cat Training Bible

This is a comprehensive e-book that will show you how to train your cat. The Cat Training Bible contains 170 pages of every training technique there is, ranging from instructing your feline friend how to use the cat door all the way to preventing it from getting into fights. There is even an instruction guide on how to teach your cat to perform tricks.

  • 101 Recipes for A Healthy Cat

For the owner who loves to pamper their cat, this free e-book should come as a very welcome treat. This collection of yummy recipes includes everything from cat cookies and treats to salmon pate and crispy trout.

  • The Cat Care Blueprint

A healthy cat is a happy cat, and this e-book will show you how to best care for your buddy. This will help so that it is a joy for it to be inside the house. This contains seven chapters full of tips on how to give the best possible care for your furry buddy.

  • Pet Medical Recorder Software

The last freebie is a useful app that will help you keep a record of all your cat’s medical treatments. The software will keep track of your pet’s vaccinations and medications.  It will also keep the contact details of your vet, general medical history of your cat buddy, and more. This way, you will never miss a vet visit or a medicine dosage administration.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Cat Spraying No More System?

So, now that we have covered the system let see what it is about. It is time to give you a quick rundown of the pros and cons that we have found.

The Pros

  • Exhaustive Guide

The e-book covers every possible reason there is why your cat is spraying. It also gives detailed solutions to counter every possible cause and stop it from happening ever again.

  • Effective Results

The methods described in the book work as claimed and based on hundreds of happy customer reviews. The system is particularly effective for many others as well.

  • Easy to Follow

Each step and technique is straight forwardly, making it easy to understand and put into action.

  • No Harsh Chemicals

Every recipe, from cleaning mixtures to blends designed to attract your cat to its litter box, makes use of herbal or cat-friendly products. Absolutely no harsh chemicals are used.

  • Bonus Cleaning Tips

Not only does the book cover techniques designed to eliminate spraying, but it also includes helpful cleaning tips. It aims to eliminate the pungent odor cat pee leaves behind.

  • Lots of Freebies

As previously discussed, the e-book guide comes with three other books and software.

  • Risk-Free Purchase

As a sign that this book really does what it promises to do, the author has given a 60-day money-back guarantee for everyone who purchases it and is not satisfied. This also comes with a “no-questions-asked” assurance.

The Cons

  • Available only in PDF Format

Not really a deal breaker but it would be nice to be able to hold a hard copy of the book instead of having to open up your computer or other digital devices to leaf through the e-book’s pages.

  • Results Vary

The techniques listed in the book are effective. However, the immediacy of results varies among cats. Some owners can see results in as little as a day, while for some this can take several weeks.

Cat Spraying No MoreOur Take

We believe that Cat Spraying No More is an extremely helpful guide that any cat owner, not just the ones who have problematic cats, would appreciate. Learning how your pet views you and how it thinks is vital for any pet owner who wants to have a closer bond with their cat. The price is also reasonable and combined with everything the book contains along with the freebies; it is an excellent deal indeed.

The 60-day money-back guarantee shows you how effective this product really is. Instantly or gradually, the results vary among owners, but the outcome remains the same—a success.

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