Cat Talking and Body language.

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Our cat talking with us in many ways, except purring and meowing. The point is to find out which are these ways so we know what our cat wants from us!

The ears, the tail, the posture of the body, the different types of meowing and generally the sounds of our cat suggest something different and need decoding in order to understand what he wants to tell us.

The meowing can be divided into a short high frequency, with which it searches you inside the house, in a stronger and stronger one that shows either that it is hungry or that it wants to open a door or window, and finally there is a meowing which is more like a cry and you will usually hear it when your cat is closed somewhere, despite her will.

Additionally, you will hear a variety of sounds, such as those used to educate a mother’s little kittens, the purring that means our cat is happy, or a slowly scream, suggesting a threat from intruders.

Beyond that, your cat uses the posture of her body to show you what she feels. If you see your cat sitting half-closed and completely relaxed, she goes to say she is happy. Pleasure also implies the slow stretching and the extent of its nails.


The ears of the cat will tell you enough about its feelings. Ears stuck to the back of her head mean a threat and your cat will be ready to attack. Ears that are pulled backward, show that our cat feels fear, or nervousness. If your cat hears a beep that will draw her attention, she will stretch her ears forward.

The tail will also give you a lot of messages. The upright tail with a slight bend of the tip means your cat has a friendly mood and he greets you. If her tail shakes from side to side, then something has bothered her and is about to avenge herself. If her tail follows a gentle and rhythmic rocking on her end, it means your cat is happy or waiting for something pleasant. But if you see the same rocking but more frequent and stretched out of the tail, then it means something has irritated her and made her nervous.

Finally, the cat uses her tongue to show affection to friendly cats by cleaning them, and also uses it as a sensory organ instead of her nose, providing information to the cat for the surrounding area.


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