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Why do cats sleep too much?

All those who live with cats know that they love to be “lively” in the evening while sleeping a lot during the day.

But the truth is that someone who brings a cat to his home for the first time and is not familiar with this behavior is going through a lot of stress but also a surprise about what can happen.

Below you can read some useful information about the cat’s sleep, explaining some of your little friend’s “strange behaviors”!

Cats and sleep

  • Cats generally sleep very much. Fifteen to twenty hours of sleep is the usual time schedule of a cat’s relaxation.
  • The times they prefer to be on the move are from early evening until early in the morning.
  • The nature of the cat and all its construction is that of a raptor. So it is made to chase her food in the evening and to rest on the day (just like a jungle lion)!
  • Even when there is no any reason for the cat to chase for food, such as most domestic cats, this very strong instinct has made her choose to play games with you at those late hours! So do not worry when you see your tender kitty hide behind the sofas, chairs, tables etc to attack you! It’s also the best time to train her, throwing her toys and urging her to hunt.
  • This intense evening mobility leads your cat to a significant loss of energy. So in order to be able to “chase” overnight or play, climb, run, during the day, cats sleep quite often whenever and where they can to have enough energy!
  • Cats can sleep many hours in the day, but most of them their sleep is light. This can last from 15 to 30 minutes and the cat chooses such a sleeping posture that will help her to be ready anytime if she needs to “chase”!
  • The deep sleep of a cat, respectively, is short-lived, about 5 minutes, and then immediately becomes light. Switching Light Sleep-Heavy-Light is done until the cat is finally awakened and this pattern is repeated several times in the day.
  • Just like with humans, the weather significantly affects their mood. A rainy, cold day or a very wet and warm day, you will see your kitten enjoying her sleep and smudging more than ever!









It is certainly difficult to get back home during the night tired of the duties of the day and instead of enjoying your relaxation and tranquility, have to deal with a crazy kitten!

Before you get nervous about it think that:

  1. You chose its company
  2. Its nature and instinct is what directs it, and not a personal desire to make you angry
  3. Enjoy it and you will be amazed at how well you will both have a good time and how soon you will “let go” to sleep as it will be tired!


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