Common Cat Behavior Problems: How to Handle Them?

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At some point in the relationship between a cat and its owner, cat behavior problems will emerge. These behavioral problems can create a disturbing situation between the two. Fortunately, most of these cat behavioral problems have specific solutions. When such problems appear, the owners can seek advice from cat experts. For these individuals are able to handle and provide solutions for particular problems. Aside from this, the owner can also do online research regarding the particular issue to find the needed information such as the following.


One of the most serious and annoying cat behavioral problems owners often complain about is their pet’s habit of scratching almost everything, particularly the couch, carpet and curtains. Due to this behavior the cat usually damages some of the items inside the house.

But scratching every now and then is quite natural among cats since they do this as a means of releasing energy, stretching, getting rid of frayed bits of claw, and marking their territory. Addressing the problem can be difficult but definitely possible.

In most cases, cat experts recommend that owners should provide their pets with something to play on when their scratching habit strikes, or give then their own scratching post. Through this method, the cat’s attention and scratching habit will focus on a toy or the post whenever he feels like doing such.

Aside from that, owners can also cut their cat’s nails by using the appropriate tool. Once their pet’s nails are well-trimmed, their scratching habit will surely be less destructive. Finally, using the so-called nail or claw caps is also an effective solution to this problem, since using such prevents the objects from scratching damages, as well as protecting the pet’s claws from injuries.


Aggression is also among the serious cat behavior problems that a lot of cat owners are facing. Unlike scratching, this particular behavior can be dangerous since it might cause injuries to the owner and other members of the household in the event, and it could lead to bites or scratches.

According to experts, cat aggression is usually a result of factors such as overcrowding, illness, lack of socialization and maternal protection. They also encourage owners to understand these causes, for doing such will also help them look for an effective solution to provide their pets with the needed help to overcome aggression.

Based on a number of studies conducted, cat aggression can possibly be contained. A good method is to bring the cat to the vet since there is a possibility that the aggression might be a result of physical pain or illness.

In the event that the cat does not suffer any of these, you can now rule out illness as the cause of aggression. Another method to control aggression is to provide the cat with everything he needs. It could be food, water, toys and a clean litter box. By doing this, the cat will most likely be at peace and the occurrence of possible aggression disappear.

Peeing and pooping anywhere

Peeing and pooping anywhere is the most common cat behavioral problem that a majority of cat owners face. This is because the cat’s failure to remove his waste in a designated area produces an unpleasant smell. This is very annoying to the owner and other household members. The unwanted smell can be one of the leading triggers of respiratory problems, allergies and asthma.

Fortunately, cat owners could actually avoid the harsh effects of this unwanted behavior of their pets. A solution would be training them to use an enclosed litter box. They can search for effective methods on how to train their cats in this regard. The internet can be a good source of information they need.

Aside from doing online research in training a cat, pet owners can also obtain a digital copy of “Cat Spraying No More.” This instructional material is guaranteed to resolve all problems tied to a cat’s natural behavior of releasing their wastes anywhere they want. A lot of owners have tried using the tips and instructions provided in this material and almost 100% of them obtained the results they wanted.

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