How to Control the Unpleasant Smell of Cat Urine at Home

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Cat urine causes a very unpleasant smell when not well cleaned and left unattended for a long time inside the house. Due to this, those who are planning to get a cat as a pet might be having second thoughts. Furthermore many of those who already have a cat might be planning to give their pet away.

What they don’t know is that having a cat is a rewarding experience and controlling the unpleasant smell of their urine can be achieved by using the tips provided below.

Clean the cat urine area thoroughly

Cleaning the exact area where the cat has released its urine is the most common and effective method of preventing the unpleasant smell from spreading through the house or in a room.  Since cat urine has a horrible smell, and the longer it stays on a particular area like a carpet, rag or linen, the stronger its unpleasant odor becomes. Cleaning the affected area at once is very important.

Many experts recommend that the cleaning process when a cat urinates in a carpet or furniture should be done by blotting the affected area with absorbent paper towels so that a large amount of the urine is absorbed. Although the method will not fully eliminate all the urine, this will significantly reduce the amount, and cleaning will be easier.

In case the cat urinated on linens or clothes, these should immediately be washed or dry cleaned. The longer it stays, there the more unpleasant the smell becomes. For best results, it is better to use detergents with enzymatic additives or baking soda.

Finally, when cleaning urine on walls and other hard surfaces, use wet rags to wipe the substance down. Using detergents with components mentioned earlier will also make doing the job done more convenient.

Use the appropriate cleaner and deodorizer

Aside from cleaning the affected area, using the appropriate cleaner in handling the unwanted smell caused is also important. The most popular of these cleaners are those with enzymes. Such cleaners release substances that eat the urine they come across and leave the affected surface sanitary and odor free.


Many experts agree that ordinary cleaners, particularly the non-protein based, along with fabric deodorizers, will not be able to handle the odor of cat urine. Thus, cat owners must have these enzymatic cleaners close at hand in case their pets spray their urine in areas inside the house.

For better results, owners can also use baking soda-based air fresheners. These contain sodium bicarbonate which is very effective in absorbing odors including those by cat urine. This type of freshener can work into a carpet, furniture or linen that was already cleaned of cat urine. Allow the freshener to dry for an hour and then clean with vacuum.

Train your cat to pee in the litter box

Litter training your cat is a very effective way to control the unpleasant smell of cat urine. This is because the cat will only urinate in the container and this is regularly clean. Thus, the urine is only confined to the litter box and by using an effective cat litter, the smell is contained and prevented from spreading all over the house.

A lot of cat owners already know this method is very effective. However most of them usually resort to other solutions since they failed to accomplish litter training of their cat.

Fortunately, training a cat to pee in the litter box has now become a simple undertaking. Many experts in training cats are nowadays sharing the needed approach to do such on their websites.

Aside from that, cat owners can now benefit from the contents of a digital copy of “Cat Spraying No More.” The material basically teaches owners how to handle litter training for cats. In addition to that, the material also includes other effective tips and tricks to instill discipline in the cat. On top of that, you can buy this at a very affordable price along with a number of free items.

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