Diarrhea in Cats – Causes and Symptoms

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Diarrhea in cats is in fact the body’s way of purifying itself, getting rid of substances that are foreign and causing irritation to the intestines.

Do not panic if your cat experience a short episode of diarrhea: it is quite common and does not hide any risks. But if the problem persists, you will need to contact a veterinarian  immediately because it may be due to various organic causes, from food intolerances, parasites and infections to bowel tumors (the latter rarely, fortunately).

Additionally pay attention to the quantity, color and odor to get the veterinarian in detail: see if they have a strong smell (so they can hide some bacterial infection) or if there is too much (so they may be associated with indigestion) .

Causes of diarrhea in cats

  • Because of the consumption of dairy products. Even if their taste is very pleasant, we should avoid give dairy products to our cats. This is because dairy products for human consumption have a lot of lactose and cats do not have a specific enzyme in order to break lactose. You should try to give them probiotics for cats to balance their digestive health.
  • Due to food allergy. Even chicken can cause such allergies. The best thing would be to completely change the source of protein in the diet and try them one at a time, seeing how it goes for 48 hours.
  • Due to instant change of food. Never change your cat’s food with another, without try to keep at least 2 ounces of the previous food to mix with the new one.
  • Because of eating spoiled food. Try to give them high quality food.
  • Due to bacterial or microbial infection. In this case you must visit the veterinarian. Blood tests and other tests are needed to get the result.
  • Because of the inward parasites. If you do not follow the well-established 3-month parasites removal, there is a great risk that one of the infestations that develop will induce diarrhea in your cat.
  • Because of an inflammatory bowel. Diagnosis is also required by a vet.
  • Due to kidney and / or liver disease.
  • Due to cancer in the intestinal walls.
  • Due to recent antibiotic therapy.
  • Due to colitis.
  • Due to hyperthyroidism.

How will you deal with diarrhea in cats?

The best thing you can do about cats diarrhea avoid giving any food to your cat for a whole day but make sure he drinks plenty of water. This cleanses the digestive tract. If diarrhea remain for more than 24 hours, consult your veterinarian.

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