“Cat Training Is Easy! How to train a cat, solve cat behavior problems and teach your cat tricks”


“Cat Training Is Easy!” is currently among the most popular options for cat owners who are having problems in dealing with their feline’s behavior problems. This is because the material covers a number of topics that are quite helpful in instilling discipline in cats as well as in making them learn tricks.


  • “Cat Training Is Easy!” is a 120-page book that teaches cat owners to make their cats wellbehaved at all times.
  • It does this by providing simple techniques that enable the owner to correct unpleasant cat behaviors that are the main cause of problems in the household. This includes behaviors such as aggression towards other cats, dogs and even humans.
  • It also offers the most effective methods in litter training, clicker training, preventing cats from scratching furniture or other items inside the house and even jumping up on furniture or kitchen counters.
  • Aside from providing techniques to correct a cat’s unpleasant and unacceptable behavior, this material also allows owners to teach their pets to walk on a leash, come when called, andperform simple tricks. Finally, it provides useful tips on how to help cats get the most out of their playtime and the selection of toys that this animal is provided.


  • “Cat Training Is Easy!” is a top choice among cat owners since someone can buy it at a very affordable price.
  • It provides basic, simple and effective information on how to correct a cat’s unpleasant behavior, such as aggression to other cats, dogs and humans, as well as in preventing the animal from scratching furniture or other household items.
  • It also offers methods on how to train a cat to walk on a leash and come when called.
  • On top of that, it provides the needed steps in conducting clicker and litter box training.
  • All of this information is well arranged and written in simple language that readers can easily read and understand.


  • It only has 120 pages and the list of information it claims to provide is quite long.
  • The material does not mention anything about cat psychology, which is quite important in dealing with cats.
  • Its availability is not enough and is easily out of stock.


Given the affordable price and the long list of topics it covers,  “Cat Training Is Easy!” has become a top pick among buyers. It is also praised for including the most effective techniques in training a cat.

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