Clicker Training for Cats (Karen Pryor Clicker Books) 2nd Edition


“Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition is another bestselling book that cat owners can choose. It is a guide that covers topics about clicker training, which is currently considered the best method in training cats. In addition, it is written by a popular clicker training expert and is regarded as a product of her experience in dealing with cats.


  • “Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition is actually a beginner’s guide for cat owners. It explains the concept of clicker training, which is viewed as a new way of establishing an effective communication channel between a human and animals such as a cat. It claims that by mastering the methods provided in the material, cat owners increase the chances of providing their pets live a happy life.
  • “Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition offers the most effective techniques that make a cat come when called, walk on a leash outdoors, and perform tricks. It also provides information on how to stop unpleasant cat u habits and turn them into well-disciplined pets that get along well with other cats or dogs, play without biting or scratching, and stay off tables.


  • “Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition is a preferred choice among cat owners since it covers a wide range of topics about cat training and it makes use of a new method known as clicker training.
  • By employing clicker training as the primary approach in enhancing a cat’s behavior, the material claims that it can cause a number of things. First, it can help change the cats’ unwanted behaviors by preventing them from doing annoying things such as being aggressive, scratching, biting and hanging out near or on the table where human foods are usually placed. Second, it offers the most effective methods on how to train a cat to do basic tricks such as walk on a leash and get along with other animals.
  • Aside from that, the material uses plain and simple language in its contents. By using such, readers will be able to understand the information included. Thus, using this as a training manual is definitely a very convenient way to train a cat.


  • Despite its popularity, many cat owners are still not happy with “Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition for it only provides the basic information on how to train a cat and they are still required to buy additional materials when they want their pets to get advanced training.
  • The material also failed to include litter training, a very important topic which owners want to understand.


“Clicker Training for Cats” 2nd Edition is a good book for cat owners since it is quite affordable, easy to understand and written by an experienced cat trainer. It provides information about basic cat training and techniques to teach cats to do a number of tricks.

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