“Naughty No More”


“Naughty No More” is a popular alternative for people who want to resolve the inconveniences brought about by a cat’s troublesome behaviors. It comes at an affordable price which makes it a good option for cat owners with limited budgets. It is also easy to understand.


  • “Naughty No More” is a beginner’s guide on how to train cats do things that they don’t usually learn from their own experience.
  • It features the so-called clicker training as taught by one of the most renowned clicker-training experts in the world.
  • The material basically focuses on how to conduct positive behavior modification methods that will eventually transform a troublesome cat into a disciplined pet.


  • “Naughty No More” is a better alternative for many cat owners since it provides a straightforward explanation on how to do clicker training to cats.
  • The writer is an expert and offers the simplest techniques to modify a cat’s behavior.
  • When cat owners follow the training methods, will be able to teach their cats not to scratch the furniture, sit/stay in place, stay off the tables or counters, and behave well.


  • “Naughty No More” usually comes in limited quantities, and as a result it easily goes out of stock.
  • In addition to that, it also failed to include litter training, which most cat owners need to learn as a basic requirement of cat ownership.


Despite of the criticisms, “Naughty No More” still remains a bestseller. This is because it’s effective, easy-to-understand, and affordable.

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