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Is your cat a bit of the reclusive type who wants a privacy while pooping? Then perhaps you’ve been using the wrong type of litter box for him. The Catit jumbo hooded Cat Litter Box was specially designed for cats that are not that fond of exposure during their private moments.

Just imagine the joy and freedom of having a private space all to yourself to do your business – that is most likely what your cat has been dreaming of since he got that dreadful large cat litter box. With the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, your cat has the space all to himself without prying eyes that can disrupt or disturb him.


  • Provides cat privacy while retaining litter in pan
  • Large hood lifts up for easy cleaning
  • Carbon filter to remove odors
  • Great for multiple cats
  • Includes free sample of Magic Blue Litter Box Filter


Ultimate kitty privacy is the main feature of the Catit Hagen Cat Litter Box. It does the job of retaining litter and kitty waste within the fan efficiently to prevent odors and mess while at the same time providing your cat with an enclosed and hooded space to do his business without interruption, distraction, and away from any prying eyes.

Some cats definitely prefer doing their thing with some privacy, and the Catit Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box is just the tool to provide them with it.

The Catit Hagen Jumbo Cat Litter Box comes with a hood that is large enough to provide your cat space on top of his much-needed privacy. The large hood on top of it is very light for easy access to the interior for easy cleaning. No need to reach into tight holes or entrances to get to where you need to scoop.

The view from the hood allows you a great overall view of the inside of your Catit Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box so you can clean it with no fuss at all.

More than the mess-resistant properties of the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box, it also involves a clever carbon filter that filter outs bad odors, so you are extra secured that your kitty litter won’t be invading your entire house with foul smells. This makes it perfect for homes with indoor cats that are usually the culprits to a bad smelling house.

You can be sure that you will definitely not be embarrassed when visitors suddenly stop by. You can live free of that fear. Other than that, you will also have a guarantee of a clean smelling home all year round with the Catit Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box.

A large cat litter box

This large cat litter box is roomy enough, even for houses with more than just one cat. That can save you a lot of the extra cost compared to if you have a kitty litter box that is for single use only. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is ideal for multiple cat homes, so if you have kitty friends living under your roof, or a cat family, the Catit Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box is just right for them.

You can save on cost, and you can also save on space, not to mention the trouble of figuring out which spaces would be ideal for multiple cat litter boxes. Seeing one litter box in a home may just be normal, but seeing three or more might not be such a pretty sight for visitors.

To give you a feel of how it truly feels to be a proud owner of a Catit Hagen Hooded Cat Litter Box, the package comes with a free sample of Magic Blue Litter Box filter so that you can try enjoying a home that smells really fresh and clean while enjoying the company of your lovely pet cat.

Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box Review


According to a user, the Catit Hagen Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is not ideal for cats that do not squat while urinating. Although supposedly the enclosed walls seem ideal to catch urine, her cat’s pee simply leads the pee down to the sides, making pee puddles on the floor. Also, the same user commented that the odor filters do not seem to be doing such a great job at masking the odors.


The Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box is a great investment for cat owners with cats that need a bit of privacy. It is also perfect for cat owners who do not want the sight of their cats doing their business, especially when a visitor is around. The large box and cover are roomy enough for a cat family, and also help in containing cat waste odors at bay, in addition to its odor filtering system.

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