How do cats communicate with each other

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So the question is how do cats communicate with each other? Cats have several ways to communicate with other cats and humans. Through them, they express their feelings, their grace or their nervousness. Through their own way, they tell us every time how they feel, what they want now or what has made them angry.

Cat’s main means of communication are voice and touch. Cats who know each other, use the touch of a nose to greet (They use this also with people when they feel comfortable). Little kittens meowing more than adults. Most cat communication types are related to their communication with kittens or males, but they vary widely depending on the intensity.Understand cat language

Some cats are quite noisy, while others simply open their mouths by making sounds so low that we often do not hear them.

Male cats during the fights, they make a variety of high-frequency sounds, mumble hissing, to impose, to manifest their anger, or to claim a female at the time of mating.

The female cats in the mating season “call” the male through persistent cries, and during mating they make a shriek, even causing panic sometimes to those who do not know where it comes from.

When our cat is out, she will meow to us and she will look at us to show that she wants to go in or visit her “toilet”, as well as to ask us for food, many times she is meowing so loud that almost requires it!

The communication with the kittens is done with small voices in high tones. Kittens, when they need their mother, call her out with tingling voices that the cat hears, and as she is particularly sensitive to these sounds, she runs into her nest immediately.

Cat’s Body Language

Cats just like people use body language in face-to-face contact. They show their moods, the feelings, and their attitude.

1) They are stretched, and become taller to show supremacy, or aggression
2) Bend the back, lift their coat, to defend themselves
3) When looking with a raised hair, head tilted forward, ears racing behind, preparing to attack
4) They show fear, cowardice when they try to look small, or gather
5) They are irritated when they gather, close their eyes and yawn.
6) Cat defines its area, declares ownership, leaving the scratches on its nails scraping on the trees, the fences, the furniture.

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