How our cat inspired us to write a children’s book

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So many of us cat-lovers have been there. That visit to the shelter or foster home to meet your potential new family member. It’s nerve-wracking. Will you connect? Will they bond with you? Will they be a good family fit? Well, the good news is that, for most of us, it’s love at first sight. And that love just continues to grow, sometimes leading you on an unexpected journey.


When my husband, Matt, and I adopted Bunny in 2014, from KittyKind NYC, we were struck by how gentle and sweet-natured she was. She was purring and rubbing against our legs within minutes of entering our apartment! my name is bunny

And so, (as you do!) we began to tell ourselves stories of how grateful she must have been to be adopted, and of what she would do to pay forward her good fortune given half the chance!

Matt is an adult book author, and after one idea led to another, we launched Hello, My Name is Bunny! a year later.

It’s a chapter book for children aged six and above and, of course, cat lovers of every age! In the story Bunny embarks on a wild adventure across Manhattan to rescue Joe, a Central Park carriage horse whose sad story Bunny had read about in the New York Times.

Along the way Bunny makes friends with Mike the Mouse and Polly the Pigeon.



cat book for childrenIt’s a story of kindness, empathy, and paying forward good fortune. In the same spirit, we donate $5 to KittyKind for every book sold, to thank them for everything they do for homeless cats and kittens.

As a volunteer run, no kill shelter, KittyKind find homes for more than 300 cats every year. And they’re just one of many groups across the country that do this out of compassion, a love of cats, and a sense of responsibility. We think these are incredible qualities to nurture in children.

Our goal is to create a movement to inspire children to understand the power of kindness and empathy, and to help make the world a kinder place for cats and kittens everywhere. It’s most definitely Bunny’s goal, too.

Hello, My Name is Bunny! (price $16.95) is the first in a series of books about Bunny’s adventures.

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