How to Train Your Cat to Use the Toilet

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Learning how to train your cat to use the toilet is very important since this will allow your pet to pee or poop in an appropriate place whenever he feels the need. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about cleaning out a litter box, and the unpleasant smell that goes along with it.

Although this training sounds difficult, you can research as to how you can train your cat. You can find the needed information on the internet. But as a beginner, you can start doing the following:

Select and prepare the toilet

The first thing that you should do when training your cat to use the toilet is selecting the toilet that you think will be comfortable for your pet. You must chose a toilet which is convenient for the cat. Try to go for one he is familiar with, as well as being at ease when brought to it.

Bear in mind that the toilet you chose will be the only place where the entire training will be conducted since switching toilets will only make your cat feel confused and might lead to failure. If your cat is already trained to urinate or poop in a litter box, the training process will be much easier since you can create the transition by bringing the litter box inside the bathroom and near the toilet bowl.

As soon as you complete this part, guide your cat to go to the litter box inside the bathroom. Allow him to do his thing there for a few days until you feel that he no longer feels awkward with the new setup.

Gather all the important items for the training

After selecting and preparing the toilet, and starting the transition for your pet, take note of the other important items that might be useful for training. In most cases, this includes having a cat training seat, flushable litter and a training tray.

Start training your cat

So the question is, how to train your cat to use the toilet? Now that all the needed items are at hand and the cat is at ease in doing his thing inside the bathroom, you can now start the training by replacing the litter box with a training tray. Place the cat litter into the tray and encourage the cat to pee or poop there. Make sure to gradually elevate the tray every day so that the cat will eventually get use to the increasing height. Do the elevation technique until the tray is at level with the toilet bowl.

By the time the cat is able to hop into the training tray, which is currently on the same height with the bowl, place the tray directly on top of the bowl. This will allow the cat to hop on the tray seated on the bowl. After a few days, replace the tray with the cat training seat with flushable litter. When using the training seat, start with one that has no hole, which can accommodate the flushable litter.

As the days go by, gradually change the training seat’s pan from the one with smallest hole until the cat is capable of using the one with the largest hole. After this, you can now remove the training seat and check if the cat is already able to go directly into the bowl. If he does without any accident, it simply means that the training went well and all you have to do is just monitor the progress for a few weeks after the task’s completion.

Although the steps above are the most common and effective, you might encounter a few problems during the course of training. To deal with this, it is best for you to have reference material that will help you solve such problems. One of the best things that you can do is have a digital copy of the book “Cat Spraying No More,” which is available on the internet at a very affordable price.

This book provides a lot of tips and realistic methods that will help make the training more convenient. The contents are also reliable since these are formulated by professionals with a lot of experience in cat training. On top of that, you might also avail yourself of the free items that go along with the book that you can use in training your cat.

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