Important Cat Tricks That Owners Should Know

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Most of the people think that tricks are only for dogs and the cats can’t be trained. They’re certainly wrong. Cats are as capable as dogs to learn some useful cat tricks. Trust me, they are too good at learning new things. In fact, cats are sometimes more capable than dogs as they are relatively smarter. So, let’s find out how you can teach your cats some important tricks that will make them even more adorable. But, before that, let me tell you why you should do it.

So, why should you teach your cat a few tricks?

Training a cat to do a few tricks is a very rewarding experience because being able to do such tricks makes your cat a superior animal over others. It also provides a strong sense of accomplishment for you too. Although you can actually train your cat to do plenty of fun tricks, but there are some tricks which are considered more important, and must therefore be taught first. To understand these tricks, it is advised that you conduct the needed research.

Once you are done with your research, you are good to go with teaching your cat the following tricks:

1. The Sit Trick

One of the most important and rewarding tricks that you can teach your cat is how to sit. Many cat owners consider this an essential trick since it makes the cat appear disciplined. In most cases, owners stretch this training to make the cat sit still as long as they want, and will remain in that position unless told to do otherwise.

As soon as your cat is able to master this trick, you will surely feel proud, especially when guests visit you, since your pet, given its curious and playful character, will remain seated and behave the way he should. Aside from that, you will not have to worry that your pet will annoy your guests, as well as other family members, by running wildly or being playful when it is not appropriate.

2. Walk with a leash on

Walking on a leash is another important trick that you can train your cat to do. Although it doesn’t sound like a trick, training your pet to do such is actually regarded to be among the most difficult of tricks since unlike dogs, a cat easily gets nervous and is very much observant of his surroundings when taken outdoors. Due to this, the cat will most likely try to scamper away, even with the slightest distraction, or instantly panic and thereby making the walk a traumatic experience.

But since taking your cat on regular walks is regarded as good exercise for him and gets both you and him outside, the burden of making him comfortable and complete a single walking session without issues is placed on your shoulders. Although it’s quite hard, accomplishing this is not impossible.

All you need to do is be patient and arm yourself with the useful tips to do the thing right. For the first attempt, use a leash that’s made for cats, and chose a calm and relaxing route to walk with him.

3. Fetch a toy

Fetching a toy is considered by a lot of cat owners as an enjoyable trick, but for most experts it is quite important. This is because having a cat follow an instruction to fetch a toy exudes discipline and reveals his ability to follow commands in an outright manner.

Thus, being able to teach your pet to fetch a toy or other item, assures you that he is quite capable of learning other things that he can perform once you command him to do so. Aside from that, this trick helps the cat to feel relaxed and comfortable especially when his paranoid tendencies start to come up.

4. Lie down

Aside from sitting, it is also important for you to train your cat to lie down whenever he is commanded to do so. Being able to do so will make your pet more disciplined and responsive to every command given to him. Aside from that, having your cat trained in this particular trick will most likely be useful in keeping him calm and prevent his playful acts from annoying other household members, as well as guests during special occasions held inside the house.

5. Proper waste excretion

Proper waste excretion is definitely the most important trick that you cat must learn to do. This is because cats by nature are prone to pee or poop in different places because they wish to mark their territory.

By training your cat to use the appropriate place, particularly in a litter box, will surely save your household from the unpleasant smell and possible health hazards that such acts might cause.

To learn how to do this, do some research on how to train your pet to pee or poop in the litter box. Although there are a lot of materials that can teach you how to do the training, you can easily accomplish this by getting a digital copy of “Cat Spraying No More,” which comes at a very affordable price.

This book has been proven to teach you how to handle litter box training, and since the book is the product of collaboration between various cat experts, you will surely have your cat trained to do his business in a litter box in a very convenient and effective manner.

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