Things worth learning about cats!

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They are playful, independent, lazy and lightning fast when they chase their prey. Cats are among the most exciting pets and we love them. There are many things that we do not know about them. Below there is a list of things you may not know about cats:


  • They can not taste the sweet as their taste buds do not detect sugar
  • Cats purr at the same frequency as a diesel engine! about 26 purrs a second!
  • They use their whiskers to figure out if they fit through an opening space or not
  • Cats are faster than the fastest man in the world and gold Olympic champion Youssein Bolt since they are running 48 km per hour!
  • Their powerful little ears capture the ultrasounds with which the rodents communicate. Fortunately we do not hear anything!
  • The richest cat in the world, is none other than the … Hello Kitty, the well-known Japanese cartoon winning more than 1 billion. dollars per year in sales and rights
  • Cats are not tolerant to lactose and their stomach can not digest milk
  • 30% of the hours that cats are awake are devoted for grooming themselves
  • People and cats have identical areas of their brain that are responsible for emotions
  • When cats rub off on our feet, they do not just do it to give them attention, but they also delimit their area
  • Cats have a unique ability to survive by falling from high. Indeed, some have lived falling from a height of 26 floors
  • Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds while dogs about 10
  • The cat can jump six times its height
  • Black cats can be considered a habit in many parts of the world, but they are considered a “sign of luck” in Australia and Great Britain.
  • Cats have amazing sight. They see clearly than humans with 7 times less light.
  • Cats can drink sea water. Unlike humans, their kidneys can filter the salt, leaving a clean amount of water to hydrate their body.
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