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When you have a cat, choosing the best cat litter becomes an integral part of your life. Although there are many types of cat litter available though, it is important to choose the right one. Even if you are tempted to just buy any old litter because the price is right or you think ‘they are only going to do the toilet on it.’

Some of the options open to you are silica gel crystals, recycled newspapers, walnuts, wood, wheat, coconut husks, corn and clay. There are major advantages and disadvantages to each kind of cat litter, so it is good to choose the best one based on the preference of both you and the cat.

If you have a particularly fussy cat, you will soon know you’ve made the wrong decision. This is when you need to act fast or face the consequences of doing the toilet anywhere but their litter.

It is imperative though that you pick a litter that will not have detrimental effects on either your cat’s or your own health. As it can be trial and error finding the best cat litter, you may have to change brands and kinds until the right one suits your cat.

We know how hard it can be to find the best cat litter for your cat from the sea of brands and products that are on the market these days. To help you out then, we have gathered together what we feel are the top 10 best cat litters.

10. Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Clumping Litter

First product on our list comes from the highly reputable household product manufacturer Arm and Hammer. Their Super Scoop Clumping Litter is worth taking note of as it has been designed particularly with cats that are sensitive to fragrances in mind.

Although it is free from a strong fragrance, it is still a very good odor controller and is made up of ingredients such as super absorbent clay and Arm & Hammer’s own baking soda. This litter is incredibly lightweight and along with destroying nasty odors, it locks in any moisture so that it is easier to clean up after your pet.

What We Like About It

  • Consists of a fragrance-free formula devised for fragrance-sensitive cats.
  • It combines odor neutralizers from ammonia with the powerful baking soda crystals.
  • Forms strong clumps that make it easy to clean up
  • Low tracking and 99% dust-free making it safe for your pets and the humans sharing your home

9. Feline Pine Cat Litter

Next on our list is Feline Pine Cat Litter and we love the fact that this company are so eco-conscious and have a firm belief in sustainability. In fact, their motto is ‘No New Trees Are Cut Down’. Rather than needlessly cutting down new trees in their prime, Feline Pine use shavings that have been kiln-dried and reclaimed from the production of lumber.

A completely chemical-free product, Feline Pine cat litter does not produce tracking or dust and eliminates odors in a natural way, as the natural pine fibers suck up the ammonia, taking the odor with it. It is specifically designed with homes that have more than one cat in them in mind.

What We Like About It

  • Does not include silica dust or chemicals
  • Fully absorbent and natural pine fibers absorb the ammonia odors
  • No heavy and artificial perfumes or fragrances
  • Great alternative to clay litter

8. Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Litter, Multi Cat

Number 8 on our list is another fine product from household giants Arm & Hammer. The Clump and Seal litter is made from a revolutionary formula that will seal and destroy all odors before they leave your cat’s litter box. Particles from plants are what helps create the solid, rock-like clumps that make this litter particularly easy to scoop.

It’s Arm & Hammer’s own Baking Soda again that helps to eliminate the odors when they come into contact with the litter. If you hate that dusty cloud that can form when you use some cat litters, you’ll love this particular one as it is 100% dust-free.

What We Like About It

  • It’s guaranteed to keep your home odor-free for 7 days or you get your money back
  • Reasonably priced considering the volume of litter a package contains
  • Forms easy to scoop solid clumps of litter

7. The Blue Buffalo Company Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

7th on our list of the best cat litters is the Blue Buffalo Company’s natural walnut shell litter. One of the biggest draws to this product and why it has made our top ten is its ‘Blue Healthy Home’ symbol. This symbol from the company represents the fact that the cat litter is high quality, free from toxins and chemicals and only made from natural ingredients.

It reputably lasts a long time and offers up to 3 times more absorption than other popular clay litters. Not only is it 100% dust free but it is also 100% biodegradable, when used as compost or in another way.

What We Like About It

  • The fact that it lasts longer than a lot of others on the market
  • The eco-conscious side with the 100% renewable and biodegradable aspects
  • The fact it is free from all chemicals and toxins and made from natural walnut shell

6. World’s Best Cat Litter

As we get closer to number 1, the cat litter products get better and better and the entry at number 6 is no exception. Don’t be alarmed by the pompous name, as the World’s Best Cat Litter is rather good and some may consider it the best. It is claimed to be the only cat litter on the market that uses completely natural and absorbent corn kernels.

The manufacturers have used this ingredient with good reason as it is highly absorbent and great for neutralizing odors. In addition, it also forms clumps quickly when the litter is used, making it easier to scoop and clear.

What We Like About It

  • The corn kernels trap liquids and solids and transform them into small chunks that are easy to clean up and don’t break
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Offers odor control of around 2 times stronger than many alternatives

5. Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Clumping Cat Litter

Number 5 on our list is admittedly quite pricey, but more than makes up for it with many great aspects. Aside from the fact it is made by Purina, the popular cat and dog food manufacturer, the notable thing about this litter is the fact it is claimed to be the number one selling brand, based on dollar sales.

The special thing about this little in terms of formula is its Tidy Lock Protection which locks away the fecal urine and ammonia smells that others don’t. The litter forms into tightly compact and robust clumps that are very easy to scoop and clear away.

What We Like About It

  • Offers triple protection against nasty odors, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Forms compact clumps for easier scooping
  • Is almost completely dust-free

4. Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

Number 4 on our list is Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter. Formulated by a veterinarian that has specialized in cats for over 35 years’ experience, the expertise behind this brand is undeniable. It has been designed with cats who regularly avoid the litter box.

Dr. Bruce Elsey has blended his litter with a herb attractant that entices cats to use a litter tray if this product is in it. He has even given the product a 100% litter box use or your money back guarantee. As it is made from natural products, there are no chemicals or toxins.

What We Like About It

  • The fact it is completely 100% natural
  • That it forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop
  • That it can entice your cat to use a litter bin again

3. World’s Best Cat Litter Quick Cat Clumping Formula

Another entry for World’s Best Cat Litter on our list of the top 10, number 3 is the company’s Quick Cat Clumping Formula. Offering an even quicker clumping and easier scooping formula than their others, this litter is around 99% dust free. In the same way to the other WBCL product in our list on this page, don’t be put off too much by the arrogant name, it’s not an Amazon’s Choice product for nothing.

Another great feature of this particular cat litter is the fact that it is septic tank-safe and flush-able, so you don’t need to worry about wasting plastic bags. With it consisting of ultra-absorbent corn kernels, it offers even stronger odor control than their other products. Additionally is friendly to the planet, people and of course, crucially, your pet.

What We Like About It

  • Even Quicker Clumping Than Other Litter
  • Controls Odor Perfectly, Every Time
  • Almost Dust Free (90%)
  • Completely Plant, People and Animal Friendly

2. Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System Unscented Cat Pad Refills

The second entry for Purina Tidy Cats is the Breeze Litter System Unscented Cat Pad refills. This product absorbs as much urine as possible to help ensure your cats are dry. While keeping them dry it also controls the odor the cat’s business produces.

Part of a bigger system from Purina, these breeze Unscented Cat Pad refills are perfect for the time being. With no harsh and strong chemicals or fragrances, this product. Purina is a highly famous, successful and crowd pleaser. Therefore, Purina as a brand and its diverse products are always a go-to.

What We Like About It

  • Quality brand you can trust in the form of Purina
  • That it controls and eliminates the odor, and doesn’t feature any strong fragrance itself
  • Part of a bigger inclusive system
  • Ideal for homes with more than one cat


1. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter – The Litter Cats Love

We’ve worked our way through all 9 of our top picks for cat litter from Amazon and all have their merits. In our opinion there is one product that is just a little bit better than the competition. The Ultra Premium cat litter from aforementioned Dr. Elsey is a different beast to many of the other cat litters in our list here as it is completely free of any plant-derived ingredients and proteins and is hypoallergenic.

Fast acting and clever, this litter gets to work on trapping moisture such as urine before it gets to the bottom of the tray. As long-term owners of cats, you probably know how much harder the job of cleaning a cat litter tray is the debris and wet sticky stuff. This stops that from happening.

What We Like About It

  • The fact that Dr. Elsey has ensured it is completely natural
  • It piqued our interest as it does not contain plant extracts and will be better than nothing.
  • Long-lasting and fast acting




You could be forgiven if you thought that buying cat litter was just a simple process involving getting the biggest bag available for your budget. However, this is simply not the case and you need to know what is best for your own cat.

Careful thought and consideration needs to be made when it comes to buying the best cat litter. That’s the key right there and why although the Ultra Premium won the top spot, there are some litters listed that will be better for some cats but not others.

The world of cat litter is as diverse as the world of cats itself. It is important therefore that you use the above top 10 list as a guide to the finding which is the best match for your cat.

If we had to offer one last piece of advice before you click on any of the buttons to buy any of the above now, it is wise to choose a cat litter that doesn’t have dust.

We selected the above top 10 choices to ensure there are really no bad answers. It is just what works for different people and different kitties.


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