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Most people love vacation and travel. However, cats have no clear feelings about them! Cats love the comforts of their home, so traveling can leave them with a strange feeling but that does not mean they have to stay at home. Read our top tips on how to travel with your cat to help make traveling with cats as comfortable and as inconvenient as possible.

Why my cat hates trips?

Many cats find the travel an unpleasant experience. The main reason is that they do not like going out of their warm, intimate home and exposed to strange sights, smells and sounds. Remember, cats do not understand how a car works! So between strange movements, vibrations and occasional car horn sounds, travel can be a complicated case for a cat.

What can I do for my cat to travel more comfortably?

Create a high travel experience for your cat! Cats love everything they know. This is true for all of us, something comforting and intimate, like your position on the couch. You know your cat’s favorite spot at home. Why not leave your cart there a few days before the trip? To make it even more tempting why not add their favorite blanket and their favorite toys to it?

Another good tip is to spray the transport carrier with a calming spray for cats 15 minutes before placing the cat on it. ThunderEase Cat Calming Pheromone Spray has been shown to help reduce the clues that your cat may display when it is not happy in the car such as sniffing, saliva production or inconvenience.

How can I prepare my cat for the trip?

Cats can actually feel unwell from the trip, but you can avoid it by leaving 6 hours between their last meal and the time you set to get started. Make sure they get enough fluids during long trips, especially when it’s hot! In the case of an “incident”, put some diapers on the bottom of the carrier. Making your kitten happy is something nice and simple!

Remember that your cat’s carrier is there to protect them. Whether you are traveling by car, train or airplane, it is important to stay in it. When traveling by car, the carrier basket should be secured with a seat belt when it is driven and ideally placed in the area of ​​the car with the least vibration. To help your cat stay calm, you can also place a towel or a sheet over the carrier, so there are fewer unfamiliar images to look at – think of it as a lovely cat curtain!

What are the best tips to take your cat on vacation?

There is nothing better than taking a vacation and if you can get your kitten with you this would be even more wonderful. Do not forget to check these things before your departure:

  • Are cats accepted at your destination? Does the hotel or house you live in accept cats? Always check it when booking.
  • If you are traveling with family or friends, it is good to ask if everyone agrees with the idea of ​​the cat coming together.
  • Do you have to visit the vet? Talk to your vet before leaving – your cat may need vaccinations to make sure he is ready to travel.
  • You may also need to visit the vet to set up identity or microchip issues to make sure your cat will be returned easily in the event of a loss. It is important to check the location of the vet nearest your destination – just for safety reasons!
  • Make them feel comfortable: We all miss our house at some point when we are away, and your cat does not differ in it – so do not forget to take Feliway Classic diffuser with you on your journey. This will help your cat adapt to its new environment thanks to the “joyful messages” released by the perfusion unit! Remember to connect the diffuser unit when you reach home for at least a week to remind them that they are in their house.


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