Useful Tips for stray cat rescue

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If you find stray kittens what can you do to help them? Below are some useful tips for stray cat rescue.

Be patient and wait

Your first reaction may be to take the kittens to your home, but if you want to do what is best for them, resist this urge.

Instead, leave them where you found them and just observe. Their mother can just hide because you are near or could be hunting to find food. It could also be in the process of moving them to a safer place since people are often involved in this.

Try to determine age of kittens

If they are newborn kittens, which means only 1 week to 4 weeks, then kittens have the best chance of survival if they are with their mother. If you find that kittens are newborn babies, be sure, at least six hours before moving them.

If you find newborn kittens, you should not caressing them, because their mother will take them to a safe place. Leave them where they are and check to see if they are okay. It is likely that their mother is around. This is the biggest mistake people make.


If their mother seems to be friendly, we recommend that you take the mother and kittens indoors until the kittens are big enough to be weaned. However, if the mother seems to be wild, it is better to provide them with food, water and space, otherwise leave the feline family where they are.

If the mother of the little kittens has not returned after several hours, take the kittens and give them to a shelter or take them home – but only if you are willing to provide them with 24-hour care.

Keep in mind that if the kittens you found are around four months old and they look healthy, it is better for them to stay with the rest in their place. These kittens should be sterilized, vaccinated, and returned to their original setting.

Cat Care

Socializing and caring for stray kittens can be extremely satisfying, but it’s also a very time-consuming process, and you have to be sure you’re ready to take on both the responsibility and the financial cost. Keep in mind that it will bind you for weeks or even months of care, and if they are new-born kittens, you should feed them every two hours.

If you do not have kitten care experience, it is best to contact a local veterinarian or animal shelter.

However, in order to provide the best possible care, you should get advice from a veterinarian.
Apart from taking care of all the needs you offer to kittens, they should also be in contact with other cats so they can be approved.

We may do not find newborn kittens every day, but it does not mean that we can not help the stray cats in our area. A local shelter might definitely need some help or there may be stray cats around your home that need a little care.

In addition to caring for all the needs you offer to kittens, you should also associate them with other cats so they can socialize.


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