Why do Cats Meowing?

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Even a young child knows and can imitate a cat sound. This distinct “meow” is not a simple cat sound. In fact it is a surprisingly sophisticated method of communication. So why do cats meowing?

You can learn a lot about your cat if you pay attention to it’s meowing.

The voice of the cat is in fact as distinct as the human. You may have a cat that almost never makes a sound or a talkative cat. Different breeds will have different meowing sounds as well. Siamese cats, for example, are famous for their particularly perverting lamentation.

When your cat wants attention!

The most common type of meowing is the cat’s complaining cry for attention. The wider context can help you determine why your cat is meowing. If she walks back and forth in the kitchen, she probably wants food. If your cat is meowing when you have just come home, she is probably just glad to see you and want caresses or hugs. cats meowing

The welcoming meowing, especially when it is repeated, is also related to mating. A female cat if it is not neutered will be constantly meow to keep males aware and let them know of its availability. For some cats, it can be developed into prolonged lamentation for many hours, day and night.

Sometimes a cat will make strange or even beard sounds when she sees a prey that she can not have. No one is absolutely sure why cats do that. Some opinions suggest that it is just a sound of annoyance. Some people believe it is a cat’s trick to attract her prey in order to explore where the strange noises come from.

Grumbling, spitting, hissing and crying are all aggressive or defensive voices. It is usually very clear whether a cat is angry or afraid. Similarly, purring does not require much explanation. Your cat is just pleased.

Adult cats do not meowing to each other, but only to people: to greet us, to ask for food or to draw attention. If your cat seems to be more noisy than normal, make an appointment with the vet. It may be an indication of a health problem, such as hyperthyroidism. Do not feed it every time is meowing and do not show to your cat that you deal with it whenever it is meowing. Additionally do not completely ignore its complaints – it may be trying to tell you that there is a problem, and it is tries to communicate with you.

It should be noted that if you have a quiet cat that suddenly becomes noisy, or a noisy cat that suddenly stops, it may indicate that your cat is sick. You should pay special attention to cats who begin meowing constantly while using their litter box, when they are self-cleaning or eating. Any of these could be an indication that your cat is anxious.

Listen and enjoy your cat sounds. She wants you to understand it.


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