Why do cats use to “spraying” their area

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Male cats tend to “spray” with urine what they consider to be their area for many different reasons, and cat spraying usually represents an effort to communicate or an effort to prove their sovereignty.

Τhe message that a cat wants to send by urinating in a place may indicate his sexual mood, his dominance or the fight he just won in a duel with another cat. The reason behind this is that cats sometimes want to send a message to other felines rather than face them, while even stress could be a cause of urinating out of the litter box. There are various methods to stop this behavior, and the way depends on the reason for which the cat is use to “mark” his area.


cat sprayingBeside the fact that most cat owners understand what exactly their pets want and need, it is true that people do not always understand what the cat wants and their communication may be problematic. In addition, cats are not always in the same place at the same time and need a way to send their messages when they are not with their owners. They are trying to find a way of communicating with them and they believe that … spraying is one of them.

Urine contains pheromones or chemical substances that send signals through the air and grow through the sense of smell. These substances allow cats to “talk” to each other about a wide variety of things and are not obliged to know how humans are unable to translate this pheromone message.

Therefore, when cats “spray” they try to say something to another cat or to their owner. This is something that depends on their character, but also on the circumstances.

Sexual mood and availability

It is very common for cats to let others know they are ready to mate. In fact, pheromones act in practice as an “irritant” odor factor. Usually, this happens when male cats are about six months old and have not been neutered. In such case they get used to “spraying.”

Domination and prevalence

Cats are dominant as animals and sometimes they can “spray” to mark the boundaries of their area. This particularly happens in houses where there is more than one feline and the area is relatively small. In this case, such behavior is closely linked to the desire for the male cat to show its domination to the rest of the pets.


It is also not uncommon for cats to have controversy and sometimes this can happen even in the same house. If a cat wins a fight, beyond bites and scratches in the other felines of the home or neighborhood, tends to spray the area with his urine to announce his victory. In this way he gives others a sense of what the limits of his area are.

Avoidance of confrontation

Sometimes a cat that is shy wants to avoid the front-end collision with other cats. By spraying occasionally he can communicate his message without having to face a confrontation. Many owners of course misunderstand this action and believe that is a cause of anxiety.


cat sprayingSpray can also be a response to stress and each cat has its own different level of resistance in this factor. For some animals, for example, it creates a lot of inconvenience and problems in having a dog wanting to chase them at home. But they even seem to be afraid of their … shadow and do not respond well even to the smallest changes, as might even be the change of cat litter brand. Spray is the result of this stress.

Owners often misinterpret this behavior as malicious or as revenge. They consider, for example, that the cat urinated because he did not eat on time. But this is a totally wrong case (based only on coincidence). Veterinarians and experts point out that this cat’s behavioral interpretation is based entirely on the assumption that animals understand the relationships people have with their belongings and that they share the view that hitting a piece of furniture is “bad”.   However, these assumptions can not in any way be proven, as it is not certain that the animals fully understand the people, nor what they mean for the things of the house.

Desire for familiarization

A typical house contains many different scents, from furniture to laundry detergent. This can make some cats feel a little uncomfortable, and many times, the reason they “spray” is because they want to mix these smells with the only ones they know very well. This works as soothing for the cats themselves because it helps them become more familiar with the space.

Ways to stop Cat Spraying behavior

Techniques available to stop male cats from spraying depend on why they do it. Neutralization often improves the situation when the problem is aggression or sexuality. Both have some hormonal effects, but it does not mean that it is always a successful solution. Reducing the number of animals in the home is also a solution. Make changes to the house gradually to help them become familiar with them. If cats are extremely uncomfortable, medication can also help, but this should be the ultimate solution, as medicines may have side effects. Our suggestion for total solution regarding the spraying is the “cat spraying no more”.  It will help you overcome the problem with cat spraying and it comes on a reasonable price with 60-day money-back guarantee.

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